Narendra Modi’s American comedian ‘joke’ on CAA, Hotstar banned episode

Hotstar, a subsidiary of Walt Disney, has removed an episode of John Oliver, a British comedian, from its platform. Oliver describes the reason behind this as harsh on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Recently, Oliver criticized Narendra Modi for his controversial show ‘Last Week Tonight’ over the Citizenship Amendment Act. The program aired on HBO, where Oliver joked with celebrities from movies, politics, etc. However, he was probably not aware that he would find it somewhat costly to hit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the CAA.

John Oliver discussed CAA in detail at an event tonight in his most recent weekend, which made him very trendy on Twitter. Many veterans also tweeted about Oliver’s show, but Prime Minister And this episode has been banned in India due to some comments about CAA.

Still on YouTube in this recent episode, Oliver started the program of US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, but later Oliver commented on CAA and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In it, he described Prime Minister Modi’s portrait as a “temporary symbol of hatred” and compared it to the Taj Mahal, a “permanent symbol of love”. This episode last night appears to be entirely related to the CAA-NRC

Let me tell you that this is not the first time that an episode of a show has been banned in India. In November last year, Amazon Prime India also banned the first episode of season 5 of the CBS show ‘Madame Secretary’. The reason for the chase was the inclusion of the discussion of Hindu nationalism in the episode.

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