Netflix Releases Beta Zombie Horror Series Trailer, Shahrukh Khan Producer

Netflix India’s next web series ‘Betal’ trailer has been released. It is a horror zombie series, produced under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment, the production house of Bollywood emperor Shah Rukh Khan. Talking about the main star cast of Betal series, it includes Vikram Sirohi (Binit Kumar), DC “Ahu” Ahluwalia (Ahna Kumra), Commandant Tayagi (Suchitra Pilai), Jitendra Joshi (Sacred Games), and Punia (Manjiri Pupala) etc. Huh. Now speaking of the story of the series, it is the story of a mountain called Betal where a cave is being reopened. The villagers believe that this hill is cursed with blood-thirst by the colonel of the two-century-old East India Company and his battalion. The CIPD (Counter Rebellion Police Division) appears to fight this zombie army.

The author, director and producer of Betal’s story is Patrick Graham, who previously created Netflix. She has joined Nikhil Mahajan (Baji) as director and Suhani Kanwar (Lipstick Under My Burqa) as writer. In his statement, Graham said he wanted to create a separate horror series after Ghosts, which is full of action. The concept of the old soul cursed mountain has been inspired by Indian mythology and has spent a lot of time looking at the story of the zombie in popular fiction. The series itself creates a ghost story with action and suspense.

Betal is a series produced in India under the banner of Bloomhouse Productions and Red Chillies. Blumhouse is known for low budget horror films such as Get Out, Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Incidious, Halloween, The Invisible Man. Earlier we saw “Gul” starring Radhika Apte under these two banners.

You must have seen Vineet Kumar, the lead actor of the series, in the eyes of Mukbabaj and Bull. Ahna Kumara has previously appeared in Lipstick Under My Burqa and Vut Sylhet’s ‘Marji’. Pillai was last seen in the Amazon Prime video series ‘Made in Heaven’. Jitendra Joshi is known for his great performances in the Sacred Games. Manjiri Pupala has acted in the small screen Star Plus show ‘Ishqbaaz’.

Beatle Netflix will have its fifth original series in India in 2020 before the Jharkhand-based drama ‘Jamtara’ is released in January. Then came the romantic drama ‘Taj Mahal 1989’ in February, then Imtiaz Ali’s crime drama ‘She’ which was released in March and then Bir Das’s dark comedy ‘Cheerful’ which was published in April.

Battle Netflix will be released on May 24.

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