New animated sticker in WhatsApp beta, another feature to be added soon

WhatsApp is going to make some changes to the wallpaper and soon a new sticker pack called Usagun is going to be added to the app which has been found in the latest beta of Android. The size of this new sticker pack is 3.5 MB. Also, WhatsApp is reportedly working on the ability to change wallpapers in different chats. It is also being said that the WhatsApp dimming feature is being worked on. This feature will help users to change the opacity of WhatsApp wallpapers. At the moment, it is under development, which cannot be achieved even after the latest update.

WABetaInfo for Android The latest WhatsApp 2.20.200. The company has received information that the company has added a new sticker pack to the default sticker list in the app. The name of this new sticker pack is Usagiuun and it is made by Kwan Inc. It is an animated sticker pack, it has been seen in the recently released beta. This sticker pack contains white cartoon characters, expressing various emotions through stickers such as happiness, sorrow, love etc.

Let me tell you, this sticker pack is listed with 3.5 MB. This pack is accompanied by a description, “Some Pippi, some Bijar.” As we mentioned, this sticker pack was found in the latest beta that we got.

In addition to these, Tracker reported that WhatsApp Beta for Android has also come up with a new wallpaper dimming feature, which helps to change the color tone of the wallpaper based on the user’s preferences. This new feature is the new wallpaper Chapter Will be added, which is currently in progress. According to the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo, the ‘Wallpaper dimming’ toggle is located at the bottom of the screen.

This toggle from left to right changes the opacity of the swapped wallpaper. You can change the tone according to the color of your eyes. WABetaInfo says that this feature is currently in the works, which may receive future updates.

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