New feature in WhatsApp, now group admin will have ‘complete control’

On Tuesday, WhatsApp released a new group of features, claiming that users have more features than ever before. Both Android and iPhone users can take advantage of this latest version. Most of these features have been seen in Android Beta Build, Stable Build and other platforms. It has features like group description, new controls and more rights for WhatsApp admins. These features will be enabled in new and existing WhatsApp groups.

In the new feature you can now add a description that creates the group. Also, other members may allow it. Also some members or all members may be prevented from giving details. Speaking of other features, group administrators will have the right to change the group’s topics and icons for those who don’t. The group administrator can also remove the administrator’s permission given to another.

It would be impossible to remove the group creator from the corresponding group. Apart from this, WhatsApp users will now get the ‘Mention’ feature. It is also called ‘group catch up’. It allows users to search for text messages. To do this the user has to tap the button which can be found at the bottom right of the chat box.

WhatsApp group participant search

Not only that, WhatsApp users can now search for group members by going to the Group Information section. Facebook-based WhatsApp has announced that leaving the group has made it harder for them to rejoin the team.

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