New feature to ticket to ban fake information videos

Tiktok is constantly taking some steps to fight the coronavirus epidemic. Recently this video making platform app donated some money with medical equipment to help health workers. At the same time, TickTock has now released a new feature to prevent the spread of fake news during the COVID-19 lockdown, a feature called in-app reporting. TickTalk users can now report such content on the app, seeing that they are deliberately spreading misleading information through video.

Tic Tac Toe website Post This is reported by the in-app reporting feature, which allows users to report video content to the app that is deliberately trying to spread misleading information. This applies to all types of video content, TickTock has introduced a subsection called “COVID-19 Information” in this feature, under which any information related to COVID-19 can be reported.

If a Tiktok user sees a video that spreads fake news about Kovid-19, they can report this video. To report a video, you need to click the video share button. Then tap on Report and then Misleading Information and then COVID-19 Misinformation Formation Here you will also see the description option for alternate reporting, where you can also report by entering details. After so much click on submit.

TickTock said the video, reported under COVID-19 misinformation, was viewed by an internal task force and sent to a third-party investigator for investigation. Let me tell you, the internal task force was formed to fight fake news, especially during the Corona virus. The post states that they partnered with Faith News The Fact Checking Arm to check fake news.

This feature will be extended to all level users. Gadgets 360 has tested this feature in the latest version of the iPhone.

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