New features are coming to WhatsApp, it will be easier to find anything

WhatsApp has released a new beta update for Android, adding new features as well as changes. As the saying goes, the update now gives a glimpse of the upcoming advanced search feature that will help users easily find any type of media. A new Protect Backup feature has also been introduced which is currently under development. This feature will serve as a backup protection for your Google Drive backup. WhatsApp is also trying to implement new auto-download rules that will prevent popular forwarded photos, videos, documents and voice messages from being downloaded automatically.

WhatsApp for Android v 2.20.117 Beta by WhatsApp Website WBETINFO Tracking Feature Look for features Huh. The update reportedly corrected a significant error that caused the app to crash. The feature tracker indicates that WhatsApp would crash because the app does not have a library called in LiveCurve.

In addition to this fix, the latest beta version also includes information about an advanced search message feature, which helps you find any type of media easily. Users will be able to easily search for photos, audio, GIFs, videos and documents in WhatsApp using this new search feature. This feature is still under development and you will not see it even if you download the latest beta version.

The security backup feature is currently under development, but the new update brings up a field where users need to enter a password. Earlier this feature was also seen in WhatsApp v2.20.66 beta for Android. Explain that this feature allows users to secure their chat backups with a password.

Finally, Whasapp is also working on a new auto-download rule, which can be applied by default from future updates. Often forwarded photos, videos, documents and voice messages are downloaded automatically, but this new rule will prevent WhatsApp from doing so.

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