New features in Facebook Messenger, understanding other languages ​​will not be a problem

Facebook announced a number of important decisions at its annual conference on Tuesday. The new feature of the Messenger app was also revealed. Users will now be able to translate in real time on Facebook Messenger. With the help of AI, users will be able to translate text conversions into different languages. Messenger has also become a business tool in today’s era, through which customers are being communicated.

At the annual conference, Messenger Chief David Marcus said, “We like to communicate with each other without any language obligation.” Marcus said that messenger communicates in different languages ​​from seller to customer. It was said that additional languages ​​and other countries would also be associated with its benefits. Messenger already has an AI called ‘M’, which will further enhance the service. Its experience in translation will be much newer than before. Other agencies are enlisting the help of AI to overcome language barriers.

Amazon has come up with a new translation feature. Microsoft provides translation for this in the Skype messaging service. Google also launched Pixel Year Bud last year, which provides real-time translation services. It is capable of translating into many languages.

In addition, Dutch startup Travis was launched at the CES show. Translation facilities were also provided. The translation also has the feature of sending bubbles to the new messenger. This will be part of the increased reality of smartphones. For example, according to Messenger, the user can see the front view through AR. Different animal, design etc. themes can be used in it.

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