New incarnations of Google Photos, many new features have been found

Google Photos has been completely redesigned with a simple interface, brand new logo, new map view and a memory section in the search tab. Google Photos will be coming out next week with a new design for Android and iPhone users. With the new Google Photos app, you’ll now see only three tabs – Photos, Search and Library. In the photos section, you will see recent memories as well as your old memories.

Only three tabs have been added to the Google Photos interface to remove unnecessary content. The first tab is Photos, so you’ll find large thumbnails, auto-played videos, and less white space between photos. Memories are also a part of the Photos tab that will refresh your old memories of the year. ‘For you’ has been moved and all content in this tab has been moved to the Create Memories section. This will include automated creations such as movies, collages, animations, stylized photos, etc.

A space is provided in the middle of the search tab, which gives you quick access to people, places and things. Earlier it was present in the album tab, but now it has been removed. In addition, a new interactive map has been provided so that you can view photos and videos based on selected locations on the map. This feature will work on devices that have been placed in their locations or have manually added locations with the help of photos. If the user does not want to save his location, the camera can switch location permission by going to location history.

The last tab is the library, which contains albums, favorites, trash, archives, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, a new icon has been added to Google Photos. The size of the pinhill is the same, but it is a simpler and smoother version than the previous logos. This update will be rolled out in a step-by-step manner, if you do not want to wait for the update, Android users can call it APK Mirror Can download via Google says the update will be released in the coming weeks for both iPhone and Android users.

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