New tab for releases on Instagram

Instagram has launched a new tab for Reels in India, where users can only watch videos of Reels. Let me tell you, India is the first country where a separate tab dedicated to Reel has been launched on Instagram. According to Instagram, the decision was made in view of the growing popularity of reels in India. After this change, you will now see the Reels tab instead of the Explore tab on Instagram. Previously, the Reels video was only visible on your Explore tab, but seeing the growing popularity of the feature, the company has launched a separate tab for it. The New Manage tab is now located at the top right of the app. As everyone knows, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps in India two months ago, the most popular of which was TikTok. Since the Tiktak ban, various developers in India have been offering the option of Tikitlock, while Instagram has already taken the in-app reel feature as a short video feature similar to Tittak.

Adam Mosesir, head of Instagram Tell me The reason for the introduction of separate tabs for releases on Instagram is the growing speed of this feature in the country. Let me tell you, a month ago there was news that a company owned by Facebook was working on this tab for Relays, but now the company has started rolling it out to all users. Prior to the tabs, the reels appeared on the video search tab itself.

At the bottom of the apps is a separate tab for reels in the navigation bar, where you previously saw the Search / Search / Discovery button. By clicking on the Reels button, users will see random Reels videos where they can swipe one video at a time.

Let us tell you, the Reels feature allows users to record 15 seconds of video and audio per second and edit it with visual effects. The Indian government launched the feature in India two months ago, when the Indian government launched 59 Chinese apps in India, including TikTok. Bain It did.

However, many users are not happy with the launch of Instagram’s Reels tab, which has made its response public via Twitter.

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