News of two new features coming to the WhatsApp web, find out about them

In the WhatsApp app Presentation ‘Picture in Picture’ mode is now coming to the desktop as well. It is known that this feature is part of an update published for the WhatsApp web client. Outside of this, users will now be able to send messages privately to anyone in any group. Before WhatsApp ‘Restricted Groups’ settings This allows administrators to ban the sending of messages, photos, videos, GIFs, documents or voice messages to any member.

Informing about the new features of WhatsApp, the popular WhatsAppBitInfo reports that two new features have come in version 0.2.7315 of the WhatsApp web client. The first feature is in picture-in-picture mode. This will allow users to view the video on a separate pop-up screen. Controls like play / pause, volume and timeline slider are available here. One New icon With the help of which video content in the image will be activated. At this point you will be able to chat with someone on the existing screen or do something else. This video feature works just like the WhatsApp mobile app. This feature was introduced in the app in September.

In addition to the new mode, WhatsApp has the option to reply in person to a group chat on the web. This allows you to chat privately with anyone in the group. The screenshot shared by WABetaInfo seems to have got a new option next to ‘Reply’ and ‘Forward Message’. The idea is that this personal accountability feature will soon become a part of Android iOS and Android applications.

Please note that you cannot use this feature on the WhatsApp web right now. It is expected to be launched soon for the general user.

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