Nokia and Motorola smartphones can get this special feature of Google Pixel model

Looks like Google is planning to expand the call screen feature in its Google Phone app. This feature can be offered on Nokia and Motorola smartphones. This feature is currently only available on a limited number of Google Pixel devices. For human information, let us know that the Google Assistant-supported call screen feature helps keep users away from spam and other junk calls. This feature was introduced in October last year.

Reddit The user, whose screen name is HockeyQuick, wrote on the website that the Google Phone Beta app received two flags while browsing the file. This indicates that the call screen feature may be revealed for other phones as well. The code indicates that Google may release this feature for Nokia (Nokia) and Motorola (Motorola) phones.

Call screen features for Nokia and Motorola phones may be revealed, but no other information has been released at the moment. The idea is that the Android One smartphone of these two brands can get this feature first. This feature was introduced with the Pixel 3 smartphone in October last year and it was launched in December.

Call Google Screen Support page According to, this feature is currently only available for English speakers in the United States who have a Pixel 2, 2 XL, Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL phone. If the call screen is enabled, the user will see the screen call option after receiving the call. If you tap the feature, it talks to the Google Assistant user and provides a copy. After viewing the transcript, users can decide whether to pick up or drop the call.

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