Now you can also shop on Instagram Story

After getting 300 million active users every day, a new feature has come to the Instagram store. The products will now be sold through Instagram Stores. The new information follows an Instagram experience where only ads are seen without sharing photos. Facebook-owned Instagram will now display a sticker with a shopping bag icon, which users will be able to see in the story.

Explain that this feature has been discussed on Instagram for a long time. Instagram stories were spotted on Snapchat in August 2016. A year after its launch, Instagram began to focus on business.

Select international brands like Adidas, Oritizia and Louis Vuitton will initially get this feature, after which it will be knocked as a regular feature. The shopping bag will have a sticker with icons, which will help the user to see features like more details. On Instagram Blog post “Today we’re expanding shopping beyond the Instagram Store feed.”

Recent surveys conducted by Matrix Lab are also interested in Instagram user stories about the brand. They started collecting more information about the product here. This happens with the same products, which is convenient and useful for the user concerned. This is the main reason behind the new development. However the company claims that the model in this story will first be used by the brand and will display products on the platform.

Last month gave Instagram users the option to share other posts on their stories. Also saw the option to add a music sticker to an APK post, so that the user can have a better story experience.

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