On WhatsApp, you can talk to many people at once!

Some WhatsApp users on the iPhone have been seen using the audio call feature. It has become clear that it will soon be possible to make voice calls to multiple users through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has added the ‘Select All’ option for Android users, where single tapping can be done to read or archive new messages. In the new change, WhatsApp has given the iPhone user a server side update, but Android version 2.1118.60 will be needed to use it on Android. The latest development of WhatsApp Media visibility The feature comes right after that, so users don’t have to bother with the contents of WhatsApp in their gallery app.

The Android version also introduces a new contact shortcut, which was previously only available to iPhone users. Wabatenfo reports it. Group video calls are basically similar to the phone’s general calling system. It has options like speaker on, video call, mute. No limit on group audio calls. We will notify you as soon as we receive this update.

Wabitinfo It has been claimed that it has been given in version 2.18.60 of WhatsApp for iPhone. This is the version that was given ‘Request Account Information’. Remember, in addition to media visibility on WhatsApp, WhatsApp Beta has also seen new communication shortcuts, which will enable you to easily add new contacts. As we mentioned earlier, iPhone users are already using this feature. To take advantage of the new features, you need to download the beta version of WhatsApp on your Android phone. It can be acquired as a beta program or APK file of Google Play. Bhabetinfo was the first to see the new feature.

At the same time, the media visibility feature is enabled by default in the beta version of WhatsApp. You can set this according to the settings – data and storage by going to the ‘Show media in gallery’ option to disable it. Please note that downloaded content from WhatsApp will not appear in the Media Gallery. You will only be able to view this content by going to the WhatsApp images provided in the File Manager app.

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