OnePlus Buds leaked before ZTWS earbuds rendered and specified

OnePlus Buds Z will be called the next true wireless earbuds from the Chinese smartphone maker, which will be launched in India on October 14th. However, before the launch, the renders and specifications of the OnePlus Buds Z have now been leaked online, where the design and charging case of the earbuds have been seen through the renders, while the inbuilt drivers of the earbuds have got the specification, audio technology support and battery life information. Outside of this, information has been found about the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z Neckband Earphones that it is going to get a special base version. It is believed that it will be launched with OnePlus Buds Z.

OnePlus Buds provides gender

OnePlus Buds shares genders shared by Oxygen Updater APK Was removed from. The OnePlus Buds Z is not like the regular OnePlus buds, it comes with silicone erythrips, it provides a better fit and effective sound cancellation.

Through the renders it has been suggested that the OnePlus Buds Z can knock in three color options, which are Black, Gray and White.

OnePlus Bud Z Specification (Expected)

91 mobiles in partnership with Tipstar Ishan Agarwal Report A few of the upcoming OnePlus Buds Z specifications have been shared. According to them, these earbuds will be rated IP55 for water and dust resistance. OnePlus Buds ZT is supported with Direc Audio Tuner and 10mm driver with Dolby Atoms.

These earbuds can provide 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, while in the case of charging it will get an additional 15 hours. Fast charging support will also be available in this case. At the same time, on a 10 minute charge, you get up to 3 hours of playtime on these earbuds. It is said that it can also support Bluetooth 5.0 and dual microphone. Each earbud weighs 4.35 grams.

Specification of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bus Edition (expected)

Ishan Agarwal has also given the specification of the neckband earphones of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bus Edition along with OnePlus Buds Z. According to which 9.2 mm driver will be given to them. In addition to the regular OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, special edition earphones will come with improved base performance.

The battery of these earphones will also be 17 hours. That being said the base version can come with fast charging support, in that you get 10 hours of playtime on a 10 minute charge. Bluetooth 5.0 support can also be provided on these earphones.

According to the information, the OnePlus Bullet Z base version along with OnePlus Buds Z will also be launched on October 14th. First about OnePlus Bud Z. Confirmation It was done in India OnePlus 8 Will be launched through an online event. The virtual launch event will be streamed live on the OnePlus India website at 8.30pm.

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