OnePlus Pay mobile payment and digital wallet services have been launched

OnePlus announced in September last year that it would soon launch a mobile payment service called ‘OnePlus Pay’. Now OnePlus’ digital wallet and mobile payment services have been officially launched. However, the OnePlus Pay service is currently limited to the Chinese market and is exclusively offered on the company’s latest smartphones OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. NFC based OnePlus mobile payment service is slowly being introduced. In the coming days it will become part of more OnePlus smartphones.

OnePlus Forum Post Accordingly, Onepolus OnePlus has been testing Pay internally internally for months and now it is finally bringing it to users. OnePlus is currently a part of Hydrogen. This is the Chinese form of oxygen. To pay, users need to open the app on their phone, then set OnePlus Pay as the default NFC based payment app. After doing this, the user has to put the bank details in it, then he is ready to pay.

OnePlus says their mobile payment app is faster than competitors WeChat and Alipay and is also quite easy to use. The OnePlus Pay app can be activated by pressing the power button twice.

It is not clear when this OnePlus Pay mobile payment and digital wallet service will come to India. With the launch of OnePlus, the company has joined smartphone makers to launch their mobile payment services. In this list Apples, Samsung, And LG Includes company names like.

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