Paytm Mini App Store has been launched, many popular apps are listed

The Paytm Mini App Store has been launched, which is present inside the digital payment app. The company announced this on Monday. Let me tell you, tech entrepreneurs in India claimed the national app store a few days ago, but the Paytm Mini app store is a bit different. It provides links to progressive web applications (PWAs) rather than local applications and developer tools, applications that can be run in a web browser without having to download and install them. The Mini App Store currently has only a handful of apps listed, but Paytm plans to list the next 300 apps.

The Mini App Store is designed for small developers and businesses in India to create low-cost and easy-to-build apps using HTML and JavaScript, according to a Paytm press release. The company says that this app opens itself inside the Paytm app and their list is also free.

Paytm will also provide developers the opportunity to make free payments with Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank and UPI. However, the point to note here is that 2% extra will be charged for credit card payments. For developers, Paytm has provided dashboards for analytics, payment collection, and various marketing tools to engage users.

Let me tell you, the Mini App Store is currently in beta testing, including some apps like AQI Monitor, EMI Calculator, Mozopizza, Horoscope, Speedest and Unit Converter, etc. But Paytm says that More than 300 apps have been added including NoBroker, Ola etc. The program will soon be included in the Mini App Store.

To access the Mini App Store, open the Paytm application. Then go to the home page and click on Show. Now you will see Mini App Store.

Notably, Petam was removed from Google Play last month. The company has confirmed that the reason behind the removal of Paytm is the addition of Kalpana Cricket Tournament to the app of the company which violates the Google Play policy.

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