Paytm now for live TV and cricket updates

Paytm, an e-commerce payment and digital wallet startup, announced a new feature in the inbox last week. These are the new features – the app has live TV streaming, daily news, cricket updates, entertainment videos and games. The company said that these features are now being applied anew after beta testing. Let us know that these features are already available on iOS, but this week they will probably be available on Android as well. Paytm Inbox is the company’s instant messaging service, which helps users communicate with other users.

The Paytm Inbox tab can be found at the bottom right of the menu on the app. Tap on the icon – you’ll find news, TV, games and chat options. But there were three options before, now three are part of the new update. You will get the experience of watching a news story on the news tab. It will be possible to enjoy knowledge, music, education etc. on the TV tab.

Finally there is the Games tab which is full of Trivia and Quiz games. It brings a few sports games like Angry Birds Knock. Up to 10 games can be found in the list. All these new features of Paytm can be tested in iOS. The chat option will help you communicate with Paytm as before.

Let us know in April this year Paytm announced the design of a new home. There were changes in the home profile and passbook sections. The update has been released for both Android and iOS.

(Beware, Paytm owners have invested in 197 communication gadgets)

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