Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and other Pixel users get this special feature in the Google Camera app

Google’s Knight site feature is in full swing. But now the company has finally unveiled the new NightSite camera feature for its latest smartphone Pixel 3 along with Pixel 2 and other Pixel smartphones. In addition to updating the phone, Google’s Night Sites feature will be visible in the camera app. If you have a Pixel series smartphone, first go to the Google Play Store and check out the Camera app update to avoid wasting time.

Recall that Google was held in New York Pixel 3 The NightSite feature was displayed during the smartphone. Presenter during the ceremony IPhone X. And a picture taken with Pixel 3 in low light was shown. There were many differences between the two pictures. If you’re disappointed that Google has just released the NightSite feature for the Google Pixel smartphone, for your information, let us know if the Pixel smartphone has this feature before Xiaomi Poko F1 And MI8 The smartphone is found in the ported version of the Google Camera app.

With the help of Night Sight mode, Xiaomi Poco F1 and M8 users can now take better pictures even in low light. This feature works easily on Android Pie ROM and MUI Android Pie Beta ROM. In addition, it supports ZSL HDR +, HDR +, portrait mode and video recording up to 4K (30 frames per 30 seconds). Let’s find out that OnePlus has introduced Nightscape feature in the recently launched OnePlus 6 smartphone to take better pictures in low light.

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