Priyanka Chopra earns Rs 1.887 crore and Virat Kohli Rs 1.35 crore from a post on Instagram

Instagram, a photo-video sharing app owned by Facebook, is now a source of revenue. Famous celebrities from all over the world are always active on Instagram to keep in touch with their fans. Bollywood’s Priyanka Chopra and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli have all been named in the ‘2019 Instagram Rich List’ published by social media management company Hopper HQ. Kylie Jenner tops the list, claiming that she charges around Rs 8.74 crore for each sponsored Instagram post.

Musician Ariana Grande is ranked second on the 2012 Instagram Rich list and she charges around Rs 87.8787 crore for each post. For people’s information, let’s find out that Kylie Jenner has 13.9 million followers on Instagram and Ariana Grande has more than 15.4 million followers on Instagram.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has a lot of fan following on Instagram. He has over 43 million followers on Instagram, let’s find out what was published by Hopper HQ List According to him, he spent around Rs 1.87 crore for the sponsored Instagram post and he is ranked 19th in the list.

On the other hand, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is 23rd in the list. Virat Kohli was paid around Rs 1.35 crore for each sponsored Instagram post. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has surpassed Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande in terms of followers on Instagram.

Let us know Cristiano Ronaldo has more than 17.28 crore followers on Instagram. Cristiano Ronaldo is third on the list and he took around Rs 6.73 crore for each sponsored Instagram post. Kim Kardashian was paid Rs 6.26 crore for each sponsored Instagram post.

Actress and singer Selina Gomez is at number five on the list and she is taking Rs.1.11 crore for each sponsored Instagram post. Renowned musician Justin Bieber is tenth on the list and was paid Rs 4.98 crore for a sponsored Instagram post. By a hopper HQ Blog post The report noted that the list was based on internal information, agency rate cards and public information.

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