PUBG Mobile Season 13 video leaked, got important information

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games at the moment. This is a battle royal game, which is driven in season. Currently, PUBG Mobile Season 12 is underway, which was released in early March, and it’s only been a month since PUBG Mobile Season 13 began to leak. The upcoming PUBG mobile season could be called ‘Toy Playground’ and as the name implies, the theme of this season will be on toys. This season will feature Lego-themed colorful guns and character skins, as seen in the live-action superhero television series Power Rangers.

According to a YouTuber named Mr.Gost Gaming, PUBG Mobile Season 13 will be called ‘Toy Playground’. The skin of accessories and weapons will be like a toy. This is shared on YouTube A video The game features a vector gun and a pistol colored Lego / Power Ranger theme. The skin of the character in the video matches the Power Rangers theme. With the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royal Pass, players can get a new AUG skin for free and a free Level 3 level helmet skin. If players purchase a Royal Pass, they will also have the option of costume rewards, including Lava Superman and Flash Superman costumes.

The video also shows a special tribal set, where a man is seen wearing a sheepskin mask and similar themed clothing. Although it is not yet clear if this dress will be available. In addition to this, a new character named Andy may be offered in a PUBG mobile season 13. Several new voice chat options are appearing in the video.

So far, PUBG Mobile has not shared any official information regarding 13 seasons. So, consider it just a leak.

Talk about the ongoing PUBG Mobile Season 12, so let us know that PUBG Mobile is celebrating its second anniversary with this season, so This update will come in version 0.17.0 In the game, the developers have added an amusement park mode, an arctic mode, a new weapon, a hard mode, a death replay and a colorblind mode to the classic Erangel map.

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