Realm Book will come with Windows 11, the company’s first laptop!

Realm is about to bring its first laptop soon, which may be known as Realm Book. According to the latest leak, it will be the company’s first laptop to launch with Windows 11. Recently, Realm India and Europe CEO Madhav Seth gave a glimpse of the upcoming laptop teaser. In addition to the fact that a few pictures of the reality book were also leaked online, in these situations the design of the reality book looks like a MacBook, in a situation where the laptop of reality can be inspired not only by name, but also by design.

Realm Techlife has launched it Twitter Through the handle it is confirmed that the laptop will come with Windows 11 in realm. In fact, a teaser video has been shared on Twitter, where 11 laptops are seen changing shape. Also, since this tweet is titled “@ Windows when you’re ready! Windows 11” it’s clear that the reality book will come with Windows 11.

Let us tell you, Windows 11 was recently officially launched. Get started Done. Microsoft’s new Windows operating system was released in July 2015, almost six years after the release of Windows 10. The update is considered the “next generation” of Windows and brings a number of major visual changes compared to previous versions. It has a brand new boot screen and startup sound. The Start menu has been placed in the center instead of the left, and the Start Menu window has also been changed. Removed elements like “High Cortana” welcome screen and live tiles in Windows 11.

It is noteworthy that some time ago the laptop in the realm book Leakage Photos have revealed that its model will be inspired by the design of the MacBook. It is said to have an aluminum body and a 3.2 aspect ratio display. The speaker grille can be provided at the bottom and holes have also been provided in it for air flow. There is a slim bezel around the screen and the Realm logo will be at the bottom.

In addition to the Realmy laptop, the company can bring the Realme tab. Recently, the company’s CMO Francis Wong teased the tablet.

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