Realm Pesa will compete against this feature BHM, Google Pay, Paytm

Realm Pesa is the company’s financial services platform and now the company has teased that this platform will support Unified Payment Interface i.e. UPI. Madhav Seth, CEO of Reality India, tweeted and shared a photo showing the internal testing of UPI payment transfer in the Realm Pace app. After Google Pay, Paytm and Shaomi’s Mi Pay, it is now clear that Realty wants to try its hand at this place by adding UPI to the Reality Pesa app. The company launched the app in December last year and was giving users between Rs 8,000 and Rs 1 lakh.

The picture posted by Madhav Seth shows a UPI based transaction in Realm Pace. It has also been revealed that Realm has partnered with HDFC Bank for this.

Currently, however, the company has not shared any information regarding the rollout of this feature. Seth said UPI-based payments are currently being tested and will be released to users “soon”.

The Reality Pesa app was launched in India to facilitate transactions between users and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Supported by Oppo-owned Fintech startup FinShell, the app provides nding services, screen insurance and personalization. This application also gives credit report through credit minister. All of these features make the Realm Pesa app an attractive alternative to Xiaomi’s MI Credit.

Although Reality Now it is preparing to launch its app as a payment app instead of just credit and for this UPI payment support is being tried in this app. If it does, it will directly compete with Google Pay, Paytm and Mi Pay, which are currently the most popular UPI payment apps in India.

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