Realm will launch 5G phones in India for less than Rs 10,000

Realm will launch 5G smartphones in the Rs 10,000 price segment next year, Realm India CEO Madhav Seth revealed during a webinar on Wednesday. The CEO further promised that the future products of the company worth more than Rs 15,000 will be only 5G phones. The Chinese company launched 5G in India last year with the launch of RealMe X50 Pro 5G at the same time, recently the company expanded its 5G portfolio by launching some new models, including RealMe 8 5G, RealMe Narzo 30Pro 5G and RealMe. X7 Max 5G etc.

Speaking at the launch of Realmy India, CEO Madhav Seth further said that the company will be launched in India in the next quarter of the year. 5g As part of the strategy, Realm plans to launch the GT series. Reality GT will include not just one but many models, the details of which have been clarified by the CEO.

In addition to the launch of the GT series in Realm, Madhav Seth further said during the webinar that the company is also going to expand to 5G phones in the Narzo segment, under which a new model will be launched later this year. Last month, Realm launched the Narzo series as the latest 5G phone. Realm Narjo 30 5G On the phone Get started Did.

Realm promised earlier this year that the company would supply all 5G phones in the country at a price of Rs 30,000. At the same time, the pledge has been extended to Rs 15,000.

However, Seth said it would be difficult to predict exactly when the company will get its full 5G portfolio. He said last month that Realm would bring a 5G phone to the market, which would cost around 100 100 (about Rs 7,500).

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