Relief in Coronavirus Lockdown, Watch Free YouTube Original

YouTube has now taken a big step to overcome the boredom of people locked in the house in the coronavirus lockdown. According to an online report, YouTube has now opened up access to its original show, ‘Emotion’, to many viewers, including the murder mystery contest show ‘Night Escape’, ‘Step Up: High Water’ and many of YouTube’s original ones. The shows were only available to those who had a YouTube premium subscription. This free access has been live since Wednesday, April 8th, which will be valid for a limited time only. However, YouTube has not set a specific date for it.

Let me tell you that the offer that YouTube is offering for free due to the coronavirus epidemic is actually part of the premium subscription of YouTube in India, this subscription is available at Rs 129 per month. However, there are lockdowns in various countries of the world, including India, to prevent the spread of CVVID-19, corona virus, due to which everyone is locked in their homes. In such situations, most people rely on the internet and social media sites to connect with the outside world and entertain. In this situation, YouTube has opened its premium content for free for some time, so that people can take advantage of better content in times of crisis.

Susan Daniels, global head of YouTube’s main content, says the fan-favorite original is now available to the public for free. We will continue to promote safety by offering entertainment for all users worldwide.

Here is a complete list of YouTube originals available to each user:

The Night Escape

Matt’s Game Lab

Step: High water




Sideman show


Me and my grandmother

F2 Finding

Thinking Over with Cat and June (Overthinking with Cat and June)

The Fake Show

The report goes on to say that YouTube is also opening key shows for kids and families, including ‘We Are Savvy’, ‘Hyperlinked’, ‘Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force’ and ‘King of Atlantis’.

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