Remove China apps removed from Google Play, because of this

After the Mitron app, now the lift of China apps removed from Google Play has also been cleared. In fact, they are both apps that have quickly gained popularity over the past few days due to their anti-China attitude. But now Google itself is clearing the cards of these apps one by one. The Friends app has recently been removed from Google Play and now the removed China app has also been removed from here. This is because of the misleading code of conduct, the fraudulent code of conduct. According to Google, no app can encourage users to remove third-party apps, which is why this app has been suspended. The Remove China app was created for the purpose of allowing users to uninstall China-made apps from their Android smartphones.

The Remove China app was released on Google Play on May 17 and within a week the app became extremely popular. Its popularity is estimated to be that within days of its launch, more than 5 million users across the country have downloaded the app on their smartphones. The reason for the success of this application was the growing anti-China sentiment across the country due to the growing Indo-China border dispute and the global coronavirus epidemic.

Let me tell you, this is the second big app removed from the Google Play Store this week. The Maitron app was also removed from here before the China apps were removed Removal Given. Google has removed it from its platform for violating the ‘spam and minimum effectiveness’ policy, the report said.

Significantly, China apps will be deleted News It was originally provided by Indian Express but since then more information about the removal of this app has been published. OneTouch AppLab, creator of Moved China Apps, via his tweet Confirmation Google Play has suspended their app. One Touch AppLabs is a Jaipur-based company that has posted on its website Claim It has been reported that a large number of people are using this app to remove apps created by Chinese developers, the purpose of this app is not to encourage people to install apps, but to integrate them.

Google Gadgets 360 has confirmed that the removal of China apps has been removed from the Google Play platform because of a breach of the Code of Conduct. According to which no app can encourage users to remove third party apps, which is why this app has been suspended.

This app has received rave reviews from people.

The Remove China app has gained a lot of people and a large number of people are also giving positive reviews for this app on Google Play, due to which the app has received a 4.9 star rating on Google Play.

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