Remove the cure bridge app, the government will pay 1 lakh rupees

The Policy Commission has unveiled the code for the Arogya Bridge application after questions were raised about the privacy of multiple experts on the Arogya Bridge. The new move comes 41 days after the app launched in April. Note that the tracing app for this contact has exceeded 100 million registered users. Niti Ayog has released the source code of the Android version of Arogya Bridge, which is said to be used by 98 percent of its total users. Niti Iyog further said that they will open the source code of iOS and QOS versions of the Cure Bridge application at a later stage.

Source code for the Android version of Healing Bridge on GitHub from midnight on May 26th Available The end. The National Informatics Center (NIC) has also announced a bug grant program to encourage researchers to find flaws in apps.

The Arogya Bridge application currently has 11.50 million registered users on all supported platforms. During the conference, Kant further highlighted that the app has already helped more than 140,000 people using its internal communication tracing technology to warn of the potential risk of coronavirus infection.

Security experts in this app In the meantime express your concern about privacy Last month, Arogya requested the government to open the code of the bridge app. The Niti Iyog app is ready to publish all subsequent updates through its repository on GitHub.

In addition to the open source code, the government has launched a bug grant program, which will be hosted by the MyVov team. This program will help security researchers to get a prize of Rs 1 lakh. In this, any person who searches for security vulnerabilities or deficiencies in the app will get a reward of one lakh rupees. In addition, an additional prize of one lakh rupees will be given to improve the code.

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