Samsung has claimed that the Galaxy S21 series could launch in January

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will be the next generation flagship smartphone from South Korean tech company, the latest report says it could knock it out in January next year. There are rumors in the report that the company is going to bring this smartphone before its flagship February and March launch of the Galaxy S phone. The Galaxy S is expected to launch on January 21st. Apart from this, the company is expected to start production of the Galaxy S21 flagship phone in December. Production of the Galaxy S20 began in January this year.

Sammobile cites sources in the case Report It has been said that the Samsung Galaxy S21 launch could be launched in January 2021. Huawei’s absence is said to be the reason behind the upcoming launch. After the January launch, Samsung will have a different time to prepare for the launch of its new foldable phone.

Cleleck’s Report Accordingly, Samsung may start production of its Galaxy S21 series in December and sales will begin earlier than its predecessor.

I tell you, Galaxy S20 Of the series Cell Launched March 6. Sales of the Galaxy S21 model will start from February 5 next year, the report said. Sammobile further speculates that sales of the Galaxy S21 could begin in late January or early February.

In addition to the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Bud 2 may also be unveiled at next year’s Galaxy Unpacked 2021 launch event. According to a report in The Elek, the new wireless earbuds will have the codename Attic that will come with a water resistance upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Specification (Expected)

The Galaxy S21 series in the Elek report further states that it may include three separate models, internally called O1, P3 and T2. These can be named Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 + and Galaxy S21 Ultra. As per previous reports, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will also have S Pen support.

In addition, Thelick reports that the new model Galaxy S21 series smartphone will have 5 color options, which will be – Gray, Pink, Silver, Violet and White. On the other hand, the Galaxy Buds 2 may have black, silver and violet color options.

It is believed to be a model under-display selfie of the Galaxy S21 series The camera Optical image stabilization (OIS) may come with support. Phones at the top of the company’s Galaxy lineup can be backed up to 25 W fast charging.

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