Shaomi’s ‘Diwali with Me’ starts selling, you will get a discount of Rs 5,000 on mobile

Xiaomi MI has entered the festive season sales by announcing Diwali with sales. Where Amazon and Flipkart are hosting their own festival sales, now Xiaomi has started selling Diwali from from today 16th October. Other electronics and accessories, including Xiaomi and Redmi mobiles, can also be bought at lower prices during the sale. The MI10, Redmi Note 9, Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max are being sold on a discount basis. Redmi 9 Prime and Redmi Note 8 are also available with discounts. But I have Diwali sales with me Shaomi Axis Bank and Bank of Baroda have partnered to offer discounts and cash back to customers. Customers using Axis Bank Card and Bank of Baroda Credit Card will get an instant discount of Rs. The Diwali with Me Sale will last for six days and will end on October 21 at 12 noon.

Geomi ‘Diwali with My’ phone transaction

The flag MI10 It can be bought for less than Rs 5,000 during the sale. The 8GB + 128GB model is selling at Rs 44,999 and the 8GB + 256GB model is priced at Rs 49,999. This phone Flipkart, And Discount price available.

Redmi Note 9 Pro The K4GB + 128GB model has a discount of Rs 1,500, then it is selling at Rs 14,499, while the 4GB + 64GB model and 6GB + 128GB models have a discount of Rs 1,000, then they are selling it at Rs 12,999 and Rs 15,999 respectively. . This phone And Available at

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max It has been listed at a price of Rs 15,999 with a discount of Rs 1,000. This price is for the 6GB + 64GB option. The 6GB + 128GB model is priced at Rs 17,999 and the 8GB + 128GB option is priced at Rs 18,999. And It can also be bought, Redmi Note 9 The 4GB + 64GB model is priced at Rs 10,999, the 4GB + 128GB option is priced at Rs 12,499 and the 6GB + 128GB option is priced at Rs 13,999. And Available at

Redmi 9 Prime The 4GB + 128GB model will be available for Rs 10,000 at Rs 10,999 including MI sale during Shaomi’s Diwali. Tomorrow at noon And Will be offered for sale.

Redmi Note 8 4GB + 64GB option of 11,499 (Rs. 1,000 discount) and Dual on the Redmi 8 Listed at Rs 7,299.

Other deals including Shiomi ‘Diwali with Me’

Except the phone, M smart band 4 It can be bought at Rs 1,899, which is less than Rs 400. MI Smart Water Purifier (More + UV) However, there is a discount of two thousand rupees. After which it can be bought for Rs 10,999. MI TV stick 500 more MI Box 4K It can be bought cheaply for 200 rupees.

MI TV 4 x 50 inches And Mi TV 4A Pro 43-inch There are also lists at discounted prices, which are Rs 30,999 (Rs 1,000 discount) and Rs 21,999 (Rs 500 discount) respectively. Mi Air Purifier 3 And MI Air Purifier 2C But one thousand rupees discount, when MI Home Security Camera 360 Can be purchased at a discount of Rs. See all deals on Dedicated page Go customers can get cashback up to Rs 50,000 using MI Pay. As part of the sale, is also hosting a 1 Taka Flash sale, where every day the company will list a new product on its website and it can be purchased for just 1 Taka. This flash sale will start from 4 p.m. every day.

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