Shocking revelation about the Geo Corona virus testing tool

A report on Jio equipment that recognizes the COVID-19 symptom has come as a surprising surprise. In fact, according to the report, the data of millions of people in this tool of GEO has been found without any protection. However, Jio made the database offline after the report was published, before records were publicly accessible to the database after April 17 before going offline. According to the report, this tool includes all the information of those who have self-tested to identify the risk of coronavirus infection.

TechCrunch According to Jio’s report, Jio’s COVID-19 tracking tool database includes personal data of self-tested users such as browser version and operating system, profile records and answers to self-test questions asked of the tool, including not only this, but also the location of such users. Includes those that enable location on their device.

On May 1, security researcher Anurag Sen discovered that the device’s data was available on the Internet without a password. As soon as he informed Geo about this deficit, he immediately turned it offline. However, it is not yet clear whether any third party other than the data security researcher has joined hands.

Tushar Pania, a spokesperson for Geo, told TechCrunch that he had taken immediate action on the issue. This logging server was meant to monitor the functionality of their website. This is only for those people who wanted to self-test for limited use to see if they had any Covid-19 symptoms.

Let us tell you, at the end of March Jio has COVID-19 self-testing equipment. Get started Did. Bharti Airtel also introduced a similar tester. This tool was specifically designed to allow people to check if they are at risk for coronavirus infection. For this test, the user needs to provide other personal information such as his gender. With this tool users can also test their family members. With this tool, the user his age, did he come in contact with a person who is Covid-19 positive? Adi also asks.

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