Some WhatsApp users can enjoy group video calling!

It was said at Facebook’s recent annual conference that WhatsApp’s group calling feature will be released soon. Now some users have reported that they have started using it in their Android and iOS applications as well. Note that only a few users have reported this update. It has not yet been officially released for all WhatsApp users. WhatsApp has more than 1 billion active users worldwide.

Wabetinfo The report states that some video WhatsApp users have enabled group video calling on iOS version 2.118.52 and Android beta version 2.1118.155. This feature has not been officially released yet but seems to be working. Some lucky users have got this feature long ago, which is a direct indication that the rest of the users of Android and iOS will also reach in time.

Users whose WhatsApp has reached this feature will see the Add Partner option in the top right window. This option will appear during an issued video call. 3 more people can make video calls through this icon. The screen will be divided into 4 parts and video calls will be possible for everyone. WhatsApp has released the new iOS version 2.18.52, which will be seen in the update. After updating, you can enable the video calling feature. Let us know in the comments if you get this feature.

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