Soon you’ll be able to make WhatsApp voice or video calls from a laptop!

WhatsApp is soon to bring voice and video call support to its web version, which the company is currently working on. This information has been known in the latest report. This feature is reported to have been found in the latest update version 2.204 .. in published for web clients. The feature is currently in beta, indicating that the company is testing it before releasing the feature to the public. WhatsApp video and voice call support is already available in Android and iOS applications and it looks like this feature will soon be available in desktop / web clients as well.

WhatsApp feature tracker WBETAINFO has Report It is reported that video and voice call support for the messaging application’s web / desktop client has been integrated into the latest update version 2.20443..7. Although the feature is currently only available in beta, WABetaInfo has shared the feature and shared screenshots.

The shared screenshot shows that when you receive a call using the WhatsApp web on your desktop, a pop-up window opens with the option to sort and cut the call. In addition to these two, there are also options to ‘ignore’. At the same time, a small window opens during the call, with options such as video start, mute and mute available.

The report further states that this update also includes group video call and voice call support. However, this feature is not currently available for testing and will be added to web / desktop clients soon.

Video and voice call support will make things more comfortable, as users will have the advantage of making calls and video calls between their desktop and laptop work. They do not need to switch phones from desktop and laptop to make calls. Just as everyone knows that WhatsApp messaging support already exists on the web, now the convenience of voice calls and video calls will make it even more effective.

Notably, Facebook, currently the parent company of WhatsApp, has not shared any information about this feature or announced when it will be made public. However, this feature is present in the latest beta update, so it is expected that it will be launched soon.

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