Suigi and Jomato will now supply home wine in Ranchi

Suigi and Jomato have been delivering food items to your doorstep so far but now both of these companies have found a solution to your hobby during the corona virus lockdown. Now both these food providers will do home delivery of alcohol for you. At present this facility is only available in Ranchi, Jharkhand which started from today. It will expand to other cities in the state in the coming days. To order wine from Suigi, the company has added a new section to its app called ‘Wine Shops’ where you can order your favorite wine without standing in line here. Like Suigi, Jomato has added this section to the app.

Swiggy told Gadgets 360 that age verification and user authentication have been made mandatory during the order to prevent feature abuse. Users must upload their official ID when ordering age verification. For authenticity, the user has to send his selfie. The authenticity of the customer will also be checked through OTP during delivery.

Suigi said liquor orders would also be taken in limited quantities, not exceeding the amount prescribed by state law.

Jomato also told Gadget 360 that his company has started supplying liquor in Ranchi. However, Jomato has not yet clarified what steps he will take to verify users’ authenticity. Jomato further said that he is going to expand this facility to other cities in Jharkhand in the coming days.

Significantly, a few days ago, the government launched a ‘liquor store’ during the lockdown, citing the economic situation, which caused people of social distance to fly away. In a situation where people would see long and long queues outside liquor stores, Suigi and Jomato’s move would certainly shorten these lines outside the store.

Of course this is going to be a big change for the food supply industry, as there is currently no legal system for supplying alcohol in India.

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