‘Super Mario’ now shows the way on Google Maps

Mario is a video game that you and I will never forget. Now giant tech company Google has found a new way to remember it again. Since Saturday, Google has added the ‘Mario’ option to its maps, which will allow users to navigate using the map. The new update has been released for both Android and iOS. “Google has partnered with video game company Nintendo,” Munish Dabas, UX engineer at Google Maps, said in a blog post. Users will end their journey with Mario via Maps this week. “

“It’s a move to keep up with a real Mario fan. The same Mario who distributes coins and mushrooms across different obstacles.” To get started, Maps needs to be updated on Google Play or the App Store.

Mario time

You need to click on the yellow icon (Google Play and App Store), which you will see at the bottom left. The user will see an option to enable Mario here. After that, there will be an alternative to Let’s A-Go. Once enabled, the navigation arrow will turn into Mario for the user. The same Mario of the 90s, for whom you were crazy.

This week you will be your partner at school, office or wherever you are, Dabas added. However I would not recommend throwing bananas etc.

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