Swiggy can deliver your food packages soon!

Suigi could soon start delivering food by drone. Tests have begun for both its food and treatment packages. Suira’s drone supply partner ANRA Technologies has received final approval from the Ministry of Defense (MOD), the Director General (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) to launch drone trials for food supplies. ANRA Technologies has received approval for Beyond Visual Line of the Site (BVLOS) activities. After long planning, integration of aircraft traffic control and equipment preparation, ANRA launched the first flight on 16 June. Over the next several weeks, the Anra team will examine the distribution of BVLOS food and medical packages in Uttar Pradesh and Ita and Rupnagar districts of Punjab, respectively.

In addition to partnering with Suigi for food delivery, the Integrated Airspace Management Company is also involved in another similar project. For that, it has partnered with Ropar of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and will focus on providing treatment.

Shilpa Gyaneshwar, principal program manager at Suigi, said the company’s goal through the project was to “make the best use of long-range skills of drone technology”. Gnaneshwar added, “It is natural that the latest methods are available to make the last mile journey smoother and faster and to bring maximum convenience to our customers.”

Amit Ganju, founder and CEO of ANRA, said, “Our technology could soon help deliver food and medical packages to people in densely populated areas. Knowing this is an inspiring reason for him and his team.”

In a test flight video, the Anra team showed how delivery is possible. The nearly 3-minute video shows a drone picking up a small food package and flying a certain distance before returning to the ground and delivering the package.

A few weeks ago, Google-backed delivery start-up Danzo announced that it was ready to supply medicine drones under the ‘Medicine from the Sky’ project launched by the Telangana government in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. The project aims to enable emergency supplies, including vaccines for COVID-19 and other essentials.
Donzo is one of the companies that has recently been given permission by the central government to fly experimental aircraft outside the line of sight (BVLOS) using drones.

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