Take care of your kids as the new challenge of Tick Talk threatens

You might be aware of the Tic Tac Toe app, if not, say it’s a short video sharing app, so users can create their own short videos and share them with other users. This platform is also known for creativity and many people are upset because this app is so viral. From time to time new types of challenges in the app go viral after which every ticker tries to copy it. Some of these challenges are very interesting but some are also dangerous. Nowadays a new challenge is appearing in the app, which can kill even one person. Yes, this challenge of going viral in the name of Skalbreaker is rapidly being accepted not only in India, but all over the world. If your kids or anyone else has a hobby of making this tic-tac-toe video, reading this news is very important for you.

Tick ​​tock is also naming the viral ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ as a trick jump jump prank. In it, three people are sitting side by side. It has one person in the middle and two people on its right and left. All three people jump together and two people standing next to the person jump for the second or third time and fall in front of the person. By doing this the person falls behind very quickly. By now you must have realized how dangerous this challenge is.

Bowing down on the other side can leave a mark on a person’s head and can even kill him. Tick ​​tock Skull Breaker Challenge is most dangerous for young children, whose head structure is not very strong. The reason behind calling our challenge deadly is a video that is becoming increasingly viral.

A video embedded in the tweet above shows three young men doing the challenge. At the end of the video, it is clear that the fallen young man could not get up. It looks like the young man has been hit hard, which has knocked him unconscious. The video has also gone viral in India.

There are many such videos on Tick Talk, where school-college kids are doing this challenge with their friends. So far, no deaths have been reported due to the challenge, but many children are being seriously injured as a result of the challenge.

The Daily Mail also confirmed the news of children being injured from the challenge. Of course this is a very serious matter for parents and we would advise all the children and youth around them to beware of this kind of dangerous challenge.

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