Take part in this event to get a chance to win T-shirts, backpacks and mobile rings of Battlegrounds Mobile India brand

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s ‘Game Ready to Jump’ community event is underway and participating players have the opportunity to win official merchandise. Players participating in this event will need to drop a pin on the map and share a clip of the landing at their preferred location. Crafton is looking for strategies that players can use to parachute as much as possible in combat games. A total of 150 submitted merchandise boxes will win, including clothing and accessories from the Battlegrounds Mobile India brand. The event will end on July 30 and the winners will be announced a month later.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very popular free-to-play battle royal game, in which players jump off a plane empty-handed and move to a location of their choice on a map, and then try to survive while collecting weapons and other necessities. The person or team that survives in the end wins the game. CraftonGet ready to jump‘At the event, players can demonstrate their parachuting and landing skills to win official goods. Participants need to share a short clip of less than a minute, which shows them jumping and landing in their desired locations. The event has already started and will continue until July 30.

Their respective channels of the game – Instagram Battlegroundsmobilein_fisial, Facebook Battlegrounds Mobile India, or YouTube But share the clip by tagging those Battlegrounds Mobile India on any of your social media handles. In addition to #GETREADYTOJUMP and #BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILEINDIA you will also need to enter your own character UID number.

Winners will receive a merchandise box that includes a Battlegrounds Mobile India brand bandana, backpack, cap, metal badge, mobile ring, mug, slipper, T-shirt and wristband.

Crafton will select 150 submissions and the winners will be announced on the game’s official social media channels within 30 days of the event ending. Players will then be contacted by in-game via mail to get the information needed to send the box. Crafton said that if a participant is found to be a victim of any form of fraud, the developer has the right to change, remove or disqualify him.

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