Telegram is investigating video calling, claims

Telegram users can now take advantage of the video calling feature with their contacts, although the feature is currently launched for the Telegram beta app. An online report has revealed this information. If you want to use this beta feature, you need to download the 0.7 beta version or newer version from Microsoft’s App Center platform. You need to install this beta app along with the regular Telegram app you use. At the moment, this feature of the company is in its infancy, but once it is launched, it will be able to compete with its competitors like WhatsApp and Viber.

Android Police Report According to Telegram, it’s been four years since voice app support was introduced in its app, and finally it has introduced video calling features for its beta users. The stable version may take days or weeks to roll out. As we told you about the Telegram beta program to test this feature Part To be created. Telegram Stand Stone releases the Beta APK, which is to be installed along with the regular Telegram and Telegram X applications.

After the authentication process is complete, you can take advantage of video calling in the app but you will only be able to make video calls to their Telegram users who have the 0.7 beta app installed on their device.

The telegram video call interface is similar to the rest of the platform, the report said. It has an on-screen button for front and rear cameras, in addition to the on and off video buttons, mute and hang-up buttons. Video callers can convert small windows into large windows with just one tap. Preliminary feedback showed that the app has some technical issues and needs a lot of improvement.

The app currently has no options for group video calls, but this feature is reportedly working.

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