Testing of this new feature related to WhatsApp status has begun

WhatsApp, Facebook’s instant messaging app, is now gearing up to offer a new feature to its users. The company is testing a new feature, after introducing this feature, users will be able to share status updates on Facebook Story. This upcoming feature of WhatsApp is currently in development and the company has now enabled this feature to be tested. This feature will be visible to all users who sign up for the beta program. To use this feature, the user will not need to link the WhatsApp account to Facebook. Like other apps, it will use the Data Sharing API, which lets you add WhatsApp status to Facebook’s status.

Edge The report said that WhatsApp has enabled the feature for testing, which means that this feature may be released soon. The ‘Share Facebook Story’ button will appear just below the status. Clicking the button will take you to the Facebook app where you will be able to post the story. This option can also be used to post status to other applications like Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos.

Testing of the ‘Share to Facebook Story’ button has started on WhatsApp
Photo credit: The Edge

WhatsApp is not connecting to both platforms to ensure privacy and security, but will only use the data-sharing API. Other apps do the same as Android and iOS. The report states that this feature of WhatsApp will not be able to automatically share status with other apps. This means that the user decides whether to share the status.

This feature was first seen in beta version 2.19.151 of WhatsApp Android. At that time the feature was at a low level and users could not see the feature. But now the report says that this feature has been enabled for testing, which means beta users will now be able to see this feature.

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