That is why Kashmiri users have lost WhatsApp accounts

WhatsApp has become a topic of discussion again, but this time about deactivating the accounts of some Kashmiri users. The whole issue is about some Kashmiri WhatsApp users leaving the group chat. Many WhatsApp users have made this claim while sharing screenshots on social media. Meanwhile, the valley has not had internet access for the past four months. WhatsApp made it clear in a statement to Gadgets 3.0 that the WhatsApp account was due to long-term use. Users struggling with this issue will lose their account data, chat logs, images and videos if they do not back up data within 30 days of deactivating the account.

Earlier this week, many users noticed that users living in Kashmir were suddenly starting to leave the WhatsApp group. This came as a bit of a surprise as internet service has not been available in the Valley since the night of August 4th. In such a situation the question arises that if there is no internet, how can I use the internet to get out of the group?

A Twitter user Tweets All of a sudden my acquaintances living in Kashmir are grouping WhatsApp and their WhatsApp accounts are disappearing. Ten wrote this. Remember that Kashmir has no internet connection for the last four months. Some WhatsApp users speculated that WhatsApp was only deleting Kashmiri people’s accounts. However, a spokesman for WhatsApp told Gadgets3360 that some users’ accounts had suddenly disappeared due to the company’s passive accounting policy.

Another user on Twitter Tweets At the time of writing, my acquaintances living in Kashmir are suddenly coming out of the WhatsApp group on their own. BuzzFeed News Earlier, Kashmiri reported the disappearance of WhatsApp users’ accounts.

WhatsApp site FAQ list Accordingly, if an account is inactive for 30 days, the company can also delete such account. This indicates that if the affected Kashmiri users do not back up their account chat logs or share photos and videos or activate the account, they may lose their account data permanently.

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