The Amazon Alexa app has Hindi support

Amazon Voice Assistant Alexa is now available in Hindi for smartphone users in India. Alexa will support Hindi language on Android and iOS. This feature has been introduced on the occasion of the first anniversary of Alexar’s Hindi support in India. A year ago, support for the Hindi language was introduced in Alexandria, India. In one year, Alexa has added more than 600 new features to Hindi. In addition to these, recognition of his speech and understanding of language etc. have been improved.

Alexa Country Leader Punish Sharma said in a statement, “India’s unique cultural and linguistic diversity has always inspired Alexa to be more localized and empowered in our country. With Hindi support, Alexa has earned millions of rupees accessible to Hindi speakers.”

Puneesh further said that he has also made some improvements in understanding natural language. With one example he explained that in the early days Alexei did not understand words like ‘grandma’ and ‘thom ja’, but now after this improvement he can understand it too. Punish said his team is working towards making the conversation in Hindi more accessible and easy.

In a press release, Amazon said that since the introduction of Hindi support last year, the company has introduced 600 new features in it. 20 new Hindi stories have been added to the Voice Assistant database, including 6 new Alexa Origin songs and poems. Indian users can now give Alexa commands such as, “Alexa humming something …”, “Alexa Cloud rap …”, “Tell Alexa the story of cricket …”, “Tell Alexa the story of friendship”.

According to Amazon, last year Alexa improved 40 percent automatic speed recognition (ASR) and 30 percent natural language comprehension (NLU). Apart from this, more than one thousand Hindi skills have been added to it.

Significantly, the first Amazon Echo device support Hindi support in September last year Presentation At the same time, Hindi language support has been introduced in the Alexa app for Android and iOS devices. To change the language in the app, you first need to go to settings, then Alexa on this phone and then click on language. Here you can choose Hindi from the available languages.

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