The Arogya Bridge app has been downloaded more than 7.5 crore times, raising questions about privacy

The Arogya Bridge app is being quickly downloaded and installed in India. The app has garnered millions of downloads in just a few days of its launch, and now, according to the latest data, the Arogya Bridge app has been downloaded 7.5 million (75 million) times. The Arogya Bridge app was launched on April 2 and has been growing rapidly ever since. Officials from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (METY) shared new information during a review meeting. State Minister for Electronics and Information Technology Sanjay Dhotre said the application was “one of the most important tools in the fight against COVID-19”, according to a statement from MetWye. The free app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Although privacy concerns have also surfaced on the Arogya Bridge app, after encouragement by Prime Minister Modi and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to download it, the development of the app is unlikely to stop. .

Dhotra asked officials to promote the app as much as possible. He also lauded the efforts of various departments in the fight against coronavirus.

The statement quoted Dhotra as saying that the government has a “historic historical opportunity” to serve humanity and that it “should be fully utilized and every effort should be made to bring relief to the common man.”

Cure Bridge app uses a user’s location and Bluetooth data to tell if they are in a safe place. It tells users whether they have come in contact with someone who is positive for coronavirus.

But for some reason, the rapidly growing cure bridge app is raising concerns about users’ privacy. Software Freedom Law Center One ( Post Accordingly, the app collects sensitive personal data such as the user’s gender and travel information which is then stored in the cloud. shared the team, (translated) “The app continuously collects data on the registered user’s location and stores records of places where the user came in contact with other registered users.” The main concern here is that the cure bridge application also bans reverse engineering, meaning that prevents safety researchers from finding out what kind of privacy issues are involved. Even using GPS data Anxiety Huh.

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