The Arogya Setu app has been downloaded more than 3 crore times on Geo phones

The Arogya Bridge app was launched last month for the Geo phone model and the latest announcement is that the app has been downloaded by 30 million users by the Ministry of Electronics and Information (MITY) in a tweet on Monday. The Google Play list shows that the app has been downloaded 100 million times. Healing Bridge was first launched for Android and iOS devices and was recently launched for greater breadth on the QOS platform. Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2 run on QOS.

In early April, the government launched a healing bridge application in India to limit the spread of COVID-19. Presented Was. This COVID-19 tracking application uses Bluetooth and location and identifies your contacts with people who are either Kavid + Positive or may come positive in the near future. Since the launch of the app, many government officials, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have promoted it. Within three days of the Healing Bridge launch 50 million downloads It did and this number has been growing ever since.

Although there were 500 million smartphone users in India at the time of its launch, 400 million basic feature phone users could not use the app. One month after the app was launched, the app was launched for Jio phones.

The government is hopeful that the coronavirus will spread in India as a result of the massive penetration of the cure bridge application. However, the reason behind downloading the app with such speed can also be considered the strict rules imposed by the government. In early May, the government announced another extension of the lockdown on all public and private sector employees to prevent the COVD-19 epidemic. The use of the Cure Bridge app is mandatory It did. The rules were relaxed about two weeks later, stating that “district officials recommend installing healing bridge applications on their phones.”

Recently, the app was also made necessary for the passengers of the plane. Also note that the Cure Bridge application has also come under controversy over privacy and security.

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