The BevQ app is downloaded 1 million times in an hour, helping to buy alcohol

The BeviQ app is the virtual queue management application of Kerala Liquor (Alcohol) Cell, which is finally available for download on Android in the Google Play Store. The app has been waiting for the last few weeks, which was launched yesterday by Kerala State Beverage Corporation (Bevco). This app was created by Kochi based startup Faircode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Notably, this app has been downloaded more than 1 lakh times within 24 hours of launch. It publishes the Google Play Store list. However, many users have raised questions about the quality of this app on Twitter and Google Play Store, especially regarding the OTP generation.

Google Play According to K’s application description, “BevQ is a virtual queue management application and a token service provided by Kerala State Beverage Corporation Limited. Customers can take their queue number (line number) and tokens home, which will save their place in the liquor store line. “

The BeVQ application supports both English and Malayalam. To use this application, the user needs to provide his name, mobile number and pin code. The user who puts his number through this application gets the first QR code with an e-token on his mobile phone. This token is scanned at the liquor store and the customer can then buy the wine.

It is also learned that customers will be able to buy liquor in the state once in four days through the BeviQ app. A customer who does not have an e-token cannot buy alcohol. In addition, people living in the red zone area will not be able to put numbers to buy alcohol through this app. E-tokens are sent via SMS.

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