The big talk about the return of PUBG Mobile to India, the Union Minister said …

The big talk of the government has come in PUBG mobiles and other mobile games. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar told a press conference on Sunday that many mobile games are violent, obscene and habitual and an example of PUBGO. He added that for this reason, the government is planning to set up a Gaming Center of Excellence to promote Indian cultural values. The first PUBG Mobile India and PUBG events a few days ago: After the announcement of the availability of New State in pre-order, Indian PUBG fans had high hopes for the return of the game, but after this statement, it became clear that the government is still firm in our position.

According to PTI, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has said that PUBG is one of the most violent, obscene and habitual games. He spoke of the government’s plans to set up a center to promote Indian cultural values. The government will create new centers, which will teach people VFX, gaming and animation. The government says it will help people develop games with Indian cultural values ​​in mind.

In order to announce the prizes and inaugurate the virtual exhibition at the Maharashtra Toy / Game / Project Design Competition ‘Khela Khel May’, Javadekar said that the centers courses would start from this year. He said the program would be launched in collaboration with MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) IIT Bombay. He said the project is in its early stages and will be implemented as soon as the new session begins in 2021.

Javadekar added (translation) “PUBG was just an example, but criticizing games is not the solution. The solution is to create our own games and apps for the world under #MakeIndia.”

Although he did not share any information about the return of PUBG mobiles, it is clear from this statement that the Government of India has taken a firm stand on the return of PUBG mobiles. On the one hand, Crafton says talks are underway with his government and on the other, the Indian government claims that the game is violent and habitual, misleading fans. Since no clear statement has yet been received from Crafton and the government, it is difficult to say whether PUBG Mobile will return to India. However, it is clear that the road to Crafton is fraught with problems.

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