The call waiting feature on WhatsApp, the chat screen has also changed

WhatsApp for iPhone: WhatsApp has released an update for the iPhone that is bringing a lot of new features. The version number of the update is 2.19.120, the update comes with call waiting support with means that users will be able to receive a second call on WhatsApp when they receive a call on WhatsApp with the redesigned chat screen.

WhatsApp version number 2.19.120 has been rolled out for iPhone users. Compatible users can check for updates by visiting the App Store. As we told you, the changelog indicated that the update is coming with new call waiting support. This feature was not detected during the first test, this feature is given directly in the stable version.

If the user is already in a WhatsApp call, this new feature in WhatsApp will enable him to receive it in the second WhatsApp call. If the user wants, he can take the second call immediately or the other call can end and the other call can be accepted. For human information, let us know that if you talk on a WhatsApp call now, the notification of the second call is not available. In addition to this, the updated chat screen design is also coming up.

Changelog also mentions that the group is bringing updates to the privacy settings, which were launched earlier this month. If you have not yet received this feature, you will receive this feature with this update. You App Store You can install a newer version of WhatsApp.

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