The Cure Bridge app is mandatory for air travel, only entering the airport in ‘green’ status

The Arogya Bridge app has also become mandatory for air travel. Yes, the first train journey started during the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and now domestic flights have also started. However, the Airports Authority (AAI) has issued Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) before starting air travel. According to which, passengers traveling by air will have to install ‘Arogya Bridge App’ on their smartphones. Let us tell you, domestic flights are starting again from May 25, which was announced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. In addition to the application, thermal screening of masks, gloves and passengers before traveling to Hawaii will be made mandatory.

According to AAI documents, all passengers will be required to register for the ‘Cure Bridge’ app on their smartphones, which will be verified by CISF / Airport staff at the entrance gate.

The AAI note further states that this obligation will not apply to children under the age of 14 who wish to travel by air. In addition, passengers who do not see the ‘cure’ application ‘green’ will not be allowed to enter the airport. Earlier, the Arogya Bridge app was made mandatory for train passengers to install and register.

Passengers were told he arrived at the airport two hours before his flight schedule. Only people whose flight is within the next 4 hours will be allowed entry.

The passenger will be screened before entering. Social distances will be strictly followed in screen zones, entrances and airport terminals.

However, let us know whether passengers who do not have a smartphone or live phone are allowed to travel by air, the Arogya Bridge app is available for live phone models based on Android, iOS and QOS. However, this is not a version for feature phone customers.

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