The data in the cure bridge application is not secure, hackers claim

French security researcher Robert Baptist, who runs a Twitter account called Elliott Alderson, claims that the Healing Bridge application contains “security loopholes” that threaten the privacy of billions of Indians. The researcher tweeted on Tuesday that To inform the government of the allegations. The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) and the National Informatics Center (NIC) immediately contacted the researcher to understand the problem. However, the team that created the cure bridge app has denied the researchers’ claims.

Without clarifying the issue of security evasion, the researcher said on Tuesday Tweets Let the Arogya Bridge app know by doing this. “90 million Indians’ privacy is at stake. Can you contact me?” The researcher wrote on Twitter, tagging Arogya Bridge’s official account.

The researcher also included a postscript in his tweet, noting that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi was right. Please tell Rahut Gandhi last week To claim The Tha Healing Bridge application is a “monitoring system” that raises concerns about “data protection and privacy”. He added that the app has been outsourced to a private operator.

The researcher within 49 minutes of his initial tweet Dr. That he contacted the CERT-in and NIC teams and informed them that the matter had been disclosed.

This app is the most downloaded record breaking method in India. Apps across India within a few days of launch Billions of downloads Done. But since its inception, groups such as the Software Freedom Law Center, India ( and the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) have criticized it. However, the app does not seem to have any friction. Even now this app is required in offices. Recently, the police in Noida has also made it mandatory to use this app.

The Arogya Bridge app team took the researcher through a tweet on Wednesday Communication Admittedly, however, the party has not yet provided any information regarding the alleged security issue and has also denied the alleged security issue.

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