The Delhi government’s WhatsApp helpline was launched on coronaviruses

To get the latest information about Covid-19, the Delhi government has launched a WhatsApp helpline, under which the citizens of Delhi can easily access all the information related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) on their WhatsApp. This new initiative has been initiated by the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Delhi. The government has said that citizens will receive reliable updates on the Covid-19 (coronavirus) epidemic. The ‘Delhi Government Corona Helpline’ is available as a chatboat service – as we saw in the helpline launched by the central government last month. This new helplight can be used on WhatsApp to get information about the main signs and symptoms related to Covid-19. In addition, users can use the helpline number and government-approved services to diagnose and diagnose this deadly disease.

Citizens of Delhi can use this service through their WhatsApp. To do this, they need to save their phone number to +91 88000 07722 and send ‘Hi’ (without a single quotation mark) to this saved number from WhatsApp. At the moment the information of this helpline is coming in English, although we are hopeful that at least Hindi support can be added to it in the coming days.

One of the main reasons for launching this helpline through WhatsApp is to spread fake news and misinformation about CVD-19. You can use chatbot service to get accurate information about Novel Coronavirus (Stork-Cove-2) without relying on misinformation. The bot can also provide information on the rain shelters available in the city of Delhi and how it can be donated to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. There is also an option to apply for an electronic curfew pass during lockdown.

Last month the central government also launched its chatbot MyViv Corona helpdesk with similar features on WhatsApp. Within 10 days of its launch it has reached more than 17 million users across the country and recently this feature has added support to the default English language as well as Hindi.

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