The FAU-G game received more than 1 million pre-registrations in three days

The FAU-G mobile game has been pre-registered by 1 million people in just three days since it went live on Google Play. This was announced by the developer of the game itself. The FAU-G (speaking military) was scheduled to debut in October, but the launch was then postponed until November. The mobile shooter game finally appeared on the Google Play Store on November 30, but it is still available for pre-registration. The final start date has not yet been announced. FAU-G, whose full name is Fearless and United Guards, will compete with PUBG Mobile India. Recall that recently PUBG Corporation. They announced that they are bringing PUBG Mobile back to India with a new name and local features. However, the date of its inauguration has not been announced at the moment.

NHU-G’s Bengaluru-based developer Core Games went to Twitter to pre-register the game. Announcement Of. Three days ago for Android devices Google Play Store However, the pre-registration of the game The beginning And now the developers say that this game has been registered by more than 1 million people so far. Those who have pre-registered for this will receive a push notification as soon as the game becomes available for download, the game will be downloaded and installed by the device itself.

The whole gameplay of this game revolves around the Indian army. The characters will be called FAU-G Commandos, a group of Indian soldiers patrolling dangerous areas. There is no doubt that the game will definitely benefit from the anti-China attitude. The game was also announced at the same time during the violence between Chinese and Indian troops on the Line of True Control (LAC).

The game will compete with PUBG Mobile India, whose launch is not too far away. Let us know that FAU-G is co-produced by Enco Games of Bangalore and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The first teaser went live on October 25th. The game was also launched the same month, but it was interrupted.

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