The Funny Pokemon Go Fest event will start on July 17, with many premiums available on YouTube Premium

Nantic Pokemon Geo, the developer of the popular augmented reality and mobile real-world organization and Pokemon Geo, has brought new exciting experiences for gamers around the world on the occasion of its 5th anniversary. Pokমনmon Go was initially launched on July 6, 2016 and has since given players the opportunity to discover Pokমনmon in the real world. The game has millions of players. In the 5 years since its launch, more than 465 billion Pokemon have been captured and 12.55 billion AR photo shoots.

Now, from July 6 to July 15, trainers will be able to celebrate the 5th anniversary with an in-game event. On this occasion, the game will introduce new experiences for Indian players. Pokemon Geo has introduced a super realist real-time sky feature that can give players the appropriate environment experience depending on the weather and lighting conditions. Trainers can enjoy the view as well as get a flying Pikachu in a limited edition with five sized balloons. The fifth anniversary will be celebrated on July 17 and 18 with Pokemon Geo Fest 2021 and Indian gamers will be able to buy tickets for the special anniversary for Rs 399.

Indian coaches playing Pokemon Geo Fest 2021 will be able to take part in the Global Challenge Arena. This special feature will be available only to ticket holders and trainers in India who will have the opportunity to connect with trainers around the world to complete a challenge every hour. If the coaches complete a challenge, they will earn a bonus for the rest of the time. If trainers complete a total of 24 challenges, they will unlock time, space and a mystery bonus in the weeks following Pokemon G Fest 2021.

Nantic has also announced a partnership with Google Play as the official event sponsor of the upcoming Pokemon Geo Fest 2021. Nantic and Google Players have partnered with an exciting Pokemon Go Fest experience that includes all events and 3 months of free YouTube premium subscriptions, exclusive content with comedy content creators including The Tri Guys, Google Sponsored Gifts (a perfume and a perfume) Ball) and other amazing rewards.

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